National Farmers' Union

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National Farmers' Union (NFU)

the EMPLOYER'S ASSOCIATION representing employers in agriculture.
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Best: National Farmers Union Property and Casualty Ratings Under Review
announced that it has agreed to acquire National Farmers Union Property and Casualty Company from QBE North America, an integrated specialist insurer.
Other states offer new farmers tax credits and loans, but no state has a program like this one, according to the National Farmers Union.
Founded as the Farmers Educational Cooperative Union of America in Point, Texas, National Farmers Union (NFU) helps the family farmer address profitability issues and monopolistic practices.
The National Farmers Union of Scotland say stores are making so much money that they could easily pay suppliers more without passing it on to the customer.
I RETIRED on September 28 after 38 years with NFUMIS, the last 20 years was as the National Farmers Union senior group secretary for the North Northumberland group with my office based in Alnwick.
The new policy follows consultation with county tenant farmers, National Farmers Union, Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs and Tenant Farmers Association.
The National Farmers Union gathered representatives at at the Warwick Complex at Stoneleigh Park on Tuesday.
But James Potter of the National Farmers Union said: "Farmers should be allowed to operate on the same terms as other employers."
Ian and Ruth Rees from near Rhayader entered Jack into the canine competition after the National Farmers Union (NFU) challenged members to send in a picture and 150 words explaining why their dog should win the prize.
Mark Smith, a dairy farmer of Nidderdale said the decision to slash the number of suppliers from 500 to 3 0 0 w a s "g u t wrenching" and the National Farmers Union blasted it as "terrible news".
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