National Farmers' Union

National Farmers' Union (NFU)

the EMPLOYER'S ASSOCIATION representing employers in agriculture.
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He said: "Police Scotland are working in partnership with the National Farmers' Union, Renfrewshire Council dog wardens and access officer and Renfrewshire Rural Watch to educate dog owners regarding their own responsibilities, the effects of dogs worrying livestock and to promote a better understanding of the impact on the farming community.
The move has been hailed by the National Farmers' Union (NFU), which drew up the pledge to protect fruit and vegetable growers and improve relations between producers and retailers.
Mr Justice Turner granted an injunction at a High Court hearing in London after lawyers representing the National Farmers' Union said farmers had been targeted.
The National Farmers' Union conference at the ICC in Birmingham was also targeted by protesters complaining at the decision to allow two badger culls in the country.
He is now in his fourth term as National Farmers' Union (NFU) president, having first been elected in 2006.
At a meeting at Warwickshire's Stoneleigh Park, Jeremy Lowe of the National Farmers' Union said: "We will keep a very close eye on this in the weeks and months ahead and up the pressure on those supermarkets and others who have yet to make a commitment to support the future of regional dairying."
National Farmers' Union president Peter Kendall called for a policy on agriculture and food production to go alongside measures being developed by ministers to protect wildlife and water quality in the countryside.
FARMERS could be driven out of business as a result of rising costs, the National Farmers' Union warned last night.
And that was particularly the case if you were an exhibit on the National Farmers' Union stand.
Figures from the National Farmers' Union show that 10 years ago, when the average price of a litre was 42p, farmers received 24.5p, the dairy 16.3p and the shop a modest 1.3p.
The measure is to ensure food security and to avoid maize price hikes, the Zambia National Farmers' Union says.
The National Farmers' Union (NFU) estimate the wheat yield will be 15.
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