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New categories are OK--something NATAS says it found out when it tried to stop ATAS from launching a commercial Emmy category.
Together, NATAS and ATAS would be all the more authoritative, magnifying the Emmy as the center of the television industry.
Price, President and CEO of NATAS, applauded the joint initiative, noting, "The Academy is proud to extend and deepen its relationship with the single most important convocation of international media professionals by jointly staging this prestigious recognition on the opening night of the CES tradeshow.
In the fall of 2007, NATAS began a search for a solution that could effectively support Web site guests and conduct the streaming of student videos and host static content, especially during peak periods.
For a generation just past street plants but not yet fully figuring out the kickflip, the Natas spin was pretty much the closest thing to the McTwist street skating had ever seen.
I remember I wore some Fuct shorts, because Natas did those for awhile.
NATAS has awarded Digeo's flagship Moxi Media Center two Advanced Media Technology Emmy Awards: in 2004 for the Moxi Media Center user interface; and in 2005 for outstanding achievement in the category of Creation of Non-Traditional Programs or Platforms.
Natas Kaupas is now art directing from the front row at the Fantasy Island flesh circus on Pico Boulevard in West LA.

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