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An unavoidable consequence of Communist central planning, the North Korean famine has been exacerbated by the regime s investment in narco-terrorism.
A British Government said: "It is absurd and grasping at straws to suggest that the US congressional committee received any encouragement from anyone to investigate narco-terrorism in Colombia.
Drug Enforcement Administration: Intelligence operation focused on narco-terrorism.
Venezuela, with its newly formed relations with Russia and its recent Marxist orientation, is, along with Panama, adjacent to Colombia, the scene of a Communist insurgency and narco-terrorism.
Lynyak sees a decline in narco-terrorism aimed at foreign corporations in Colombia and Venezuela, the situation in Peru is quite a different story, according to Guillermo Carrillo, managing director and CEO of La Vitalicia, a leading Peruvian insurance company.
The death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman from suspected heroin overdose may have thrown the spotlight on drugs, but narco-terrorism is the larger concern for security agencies around the world, including the UAE and other GCC countries.
Award: Department of defense (dod) counter narco-terrorism program office (cntpo) support
New Delhi, June 5 ( ANI ): Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today demanded a white paper on the internal security situation in the country, which he said continues to be vulnerable to threats posed by cross border terrorism and left wing extremism; besides becoming increasingly susceptible to newer forms of security threats such as cyber-attacks, narco-terrorism and terror-financing.
FO regularly briefs and educates United States diplomats, foreign governmental officials, and military and law enforcement counterparts regarding the latest trends in money laundering, narco-terrorism financing, international banking, offshore corporations, international wire transfers of funds, and financial investigations.
He said that Pakistan was fighting against the narco-terrorism with its meagre resources.
In Colombia he advised authorities on their fight against narco-terrorism.
It has components relating to proliferation, to climate and energy, economic security, cyber security,the illegal trafficking of humans, narco-terrorism,any number of things.