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Treasury Investment Growth Receipt

A Treasury security whose coupons have been stripped by Merrill Lynch. TIGRs therefore pay no interest. They are sold at a significant discount from par and mature at par. TIGRs fluctuate in price, sometimes dramatically, because changes in interest rates have made them more or less desirable. TIGRs can be invested IRAs and other pension accounts; they are also exempt from state and local taxes. They were originally issued between 1982 and 1986, becoming more-or-less obsolete when the U.S. Treasury began issuing its own stripped bonds. They still exist, but are fairly uncommon investments. See also: zero-coupon bonds, STRIPS.

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3 June 2011 - Rating agency CARE yesterday reaffirmed the ratings assigned to the long and short-term bank facilities of Indian sponge iron manufacturer Nalwa Steel and Power Ltd at A and PR1, respectively.
A maladaptive pattern of Internet behaviors (e.g., gambling, sex, instant messaging, purchasing, information surfing, role playing, and gaming), leading to clinically significant impairment or distress, as manifested by three (or more) of the criteria for an addictive disorder, occurring at any time in the same 12-month period (Armstrong et al., 2000; Barbora & Jan, 2004; Block, 2008; Nalwa & Anand, 2003; Young, 1999).
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Much effort has been expended on "automatic deduction of structure of a possibly dynamic three-dimensional world from two-dimensional images" (Nalwa 1993).
According to historians, the fort was built by Hari Singh Nalwa (1791-1837), who was the commander-in-chief of the Sikh Khalsa Army, the army of the Sikh Empire.
Earlier today, Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) MLA from Nalwa, Hisar (Haryana), Ranbir Gangwa joined the BJP in New Delhi.
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Ranjit Singh had to appoint his most seasoned General, Hari Singh Nalwa as substitute governor to regain the control of Hazara.
Former chief minister Bhajan Lal's elder son Chander Mohan, an HJC candidate, lost from Nalwa. In the BJP camp, Union minister Sushma Swaraj's sister Vandana Sharma lost in Safidon.
aACAo Kuldeep's elder brother and former deputy chief minister Chander Mohan Bishnoi contesting from Nalwa seat.