New York Stock Exchange Composite Index

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New York Stock Exchange Composite Index

An index, weighted for market capitalization, of all stocks and other securities traded on the New York Stock Exchange relative to their value on December 31, 1965. It contains four sub-indices for transportation, utility, finance, and industrial companies.

New York Stock Exchange Composite Index

A composite index made up of all the stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange and weighted according to the market value (stock price multiplied by shares outstanding) of each security. The base was set at 50 when the Index was established in 1966. Four specialized indexes for industrial, transportation, finance, and utility issues are also computed and published.

New York Stock Exchange Composite Index.

This New York Stock Exchange Composite Index measures the performance of the common stocks listed on the NYSE, including those of companies head-quartered in the United States and in other countries.

The Index is market capitalization weighted, so that companies with the most shares and the highest prices have the greatest impact on the changing value of the Index.

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96, in line with the benchmark index NYSE Composite which gained 0.
74%, slightly outperforming the NYSE Composite which returned 0.
The following are annualized distribution rate calculations based on the declared dividend for the month, Net Asset Value ("NAV") at month-end and the month-end NYSE composite closing price ("Market").
divide the monthly dividend amount by the number of days in the related month and multiply by the number of days in the fiscal year) and then dividing the resulting annualized dividend by the month-ending NAV (in the case of NAV) or the month-end closing price on the NYSE composite (in the case of Market).
In other trading Friday, the NYSE composite index fell 5.
The NYSE composite index notched its fourth consecutive closing high, rising 1.
The broad advance in blue chip and other big companies helped boost the NYSE composite by 2.