null and void

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Null and Void

Describing anything that cannot be enforced legally. For example, a contract may be declared null and void if one party enters it under duress or if its terms violate local law.
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null and void

Having no legal effect.

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The problem of interpreting the results of N multiple simultaneous hypothesis tests is further complicated by the fact that the fraction of true null hypotheses [N.sub.0]/N is unknown, and also that some of the [N.sub.A0] = N - [N.sub.0] false null hypotheses may not be rejected.
To limit the probability of erroneously rejecting one or more of [N.sub.0] true null hypotheses to an overall level [[alpha].sub.0], Walker's criterion is that only individual tests with p values no larger than [[alpha].sub.Walker] should be regarded as significant, where (e.g., Wilks 2006)
a family of null hypersurfaces of ([bar.M], [bar.g]) conformally related to a fixed null hypersurface (H, [gamma], l) and each [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is a function on [H.sub.u] for some value of u.
Although we have achieved better null depth level due to SSF, but the sidelobe levels and positioning of nulls are still a problem to be taken into account, for which we will use the cultural algorithm with differential evolution (CADE) for the reduction of sidelobes and placement of nulls in the required positions.
For those loci where no evidence of null alleles was found, a conservative working null allele frequency could be calculated by pretending that the next parent to be encountered would be a null allele carrier.
I don't anticipate problems with nulls or change properties unless there's a reason.
Though, we have achieved better null depth level due to SEF, but the sidelobe levels and positioning of nulls is still an issue to be taken into account, for which we shall use the nature inspired evolutionary computing technique, i.e., GA for controlling sidelobe levels and placing the nulls towards required position.
Software packages often include the probability value associated with the statistic to allow for the final decision to reject the null hypothesis or fail to reject the null hypothesis.
In this section we characterize null osculating curves of the first kind in the Minkowski space-time.
This obtained differential equation of third order with variable coefficients (5) is a characterization for the simple closed null curve in [E.sup.3.sub.1].
In the face of this problem, Jaeggli and Safir (1989) argued that null subjects are permitted in morphologically uniform languages, namely those with either only derived or only underived forms in their verb paradigms (like Chinese).
If you are entering the data for this record and fail to ask the client for the County name they live in the data will then be considered missing and the record will be shown including a null. Once this error is realised however, you can then correct it by consulting the client.