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Short for Not To Exceed.

National Trade Estimates Report

An annual report by the United States Trade Representative discussing the best export markets for the U.S. It includes information like market size and trade barriers that exporters may face.

Not to Exceed

An estimate of the cost of a project that a potential contractor gives to the firm negotiating a contract. An NTE includes additional funds that might be needed in case something goes wrong. It is important to note than an NTE assumes that the scope of the project does not change; it may be revised if this occurs.
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NTE has allocated the largest share of its financial resources to import spare Honda parts, which affected the import of cars, Mahmoud revealed.
To provide organizations with the most meaningful insights, and to appeal to a wide range of applications, NTE has two output formats designed to power analytics/data mining as well as those that require formatted text.
BARCELONA BOUND Some of the staff at NTE which is celbrating its 25th anniversary
Just as the NTE process is situated between scientific research and the NPD process, so is the level of risk associated with this activity.
We believe NTE View[TM] is best in its class in providing true real-time visibility and exception management that is easy and affordable to implement and use.
Selection responses for PSM from NTE selection did not coincide with those observed for the Syn-1 populations (Barker et al.
Not one of the five studies found a negative relationship between the NTE subject-matter tests and student outcomes.
Jim Hampton, the president of NTE quickly sizes up McQuire as a threat because of his no-nonsense military bearing and his auditing skills.
NTE (my abbreviation for this journal) first appeared in 1925 but soon ceased publication due to a hostile political situation and the onslaught of World War II.
Predictive validity research has been performed using the NTE and ACT |for reviews see Kerr, McPhee and Kleine (1987) & Heard and Ayers (1988)~.
For example, with NTE an organization can: transcribe large volumes of audio content within an organizations call center to provide rich customer insights and improve service, produce rapid transcription of broadcast media in order to understand and analyze what is being said in near-real time worldwide, or fully transcribe corporate audio and video assets for rapid searching and indexing.