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Short for Not To Exceed.

National Trade Estimates Report

An annual report by the United States Trade Representative discussing the best export markets for the U.S. It includes information like market size and trade barriers that exporters may face.

Not to Exceed

An estimate of the cost of a project that a potential contractor gives to the firm negotiating a contract. An NTE includes additional funds that might be needed in case something goes wrong. It is important to note than an NTE assumes that the scope of the project does not change; it may be revised if this occurs.
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BARCELONA BOUND Some of the staff at NTE which is celbrating its 25th anniversary
Second, unlike the conventional Stage-Gate process, where the whole idea is to reduce risk as the project moves along and increasing amounts of funding are committed, not only is the NTE process iterative, but the probability of success of the project decreases with each iteration.
Quirk, Witten, and Weinberg (1973), a literature review on the effect of the NTE, found only one study that looked at the relationship between the NTE and student achievement, and it was written in 1947.
The removal of exclusive state support has jeopardised the continued viability of NTE which now, for the first time, finds that it needs to compete with others, most notably the spanking new, western oriented (and subsidised) journal: Rodovid.
For more information about NTE Hybrid and its hybrid technology, including a detailed information memorandum, please contact NTE Hybrid.
Construction of the NTE was delivered using the design-build method by Bluebonnet Contractors, a joint venture between Ferrovial Agroman US Corp and Webber that provided more than 2,500 jobs to 170 local construction companies.
NTE managing director Ron Elliot said: "Our growth over the past year has been phenomenal, particularly the export side of the business.
Seth Shortlidge, NTE Solutions President/CEO explains: "Over the past several years, NTE has expanded greatly, offering more services, serving more industries and adding more value to every project.
NTE Energy s authorization to carry on is contingent on a number of stipulations to mitigate impact during construction and operation of the facility.
Peterlee-based NTE, which supplies business communication products, has already built its business to a pounds 2.
NTE Energy and its joint-venture partner, Energy Investors Funds ("EIF"), filed a patent application with the United States Patent & Trademark Office today covering an expansion of its patented hybrid renewable energy technology.