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National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC)

A clearing corporation that facilitates the settlement of accounts among brokerage firms, exchanges, and other clearing corporations.

National Securities Clearing Corporation

A subsidiary of the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation. The NSCC is a clearing house that provides settlement services for securities traded on the American Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. It also provides services for FINRA. It operates settlement according to continuous net settlement practices.


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A strategic review of the Southern Sudanese People to People Peace Process and the support role NSCC is undertaking.
This JV is a perfect fit for QBG and NSCC and will allow us to become a leader in the fast-growing infrastructure industry.
This partnership creates four wins-members supporting members, exposure and sales for Chamber businesses, fund raising for the NSCC and our charities, and members get to save, save, save
The animals were equally divided into three groups as: Group 1, which served as the control and received distilled water, and Groups 2 and 3, which were treated with a solution of 40 mg/kg of NSCC and SCC, respectively.
NSCC are pioneers in foundation works, and considered at the forefront of the design and construction of foundation engineering solutions.
The NSCC sends and receives information to and from the DTC to move security entitlements to and from their new owners.
The Campus Pipeline Web Platform was chosen by NSCC because it could address each of the school's challenges and was the only Web-integration software that seamlessly melds with the student information system, learning management systems and course tools already in use at the college.
When the NSCC was held in Anaheim in 1991, the hobby had become a modern-day gold rush.
NSCC became a refuge and source of renewal for me, as it has been for so many of our students.
Two local military commanders, emboldened by drink and the AK-47s they brandished, were accusing the NSCC of harbouring deserters.