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NRA (Non-Resident Alien) Tax

The tax which must be withheld by the corporation or its disbursing agent (usually 15% or 30%, depending on the hold's citizenship).
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The figures compiled by Open Secrets show that in Ohio the NRA spent nearly $1.
The removal of the app came on the same day that online protesters chose to target a number of tech companies including Apple in attempts to pressure them to cut ties with the NRA and remove content from the gun rights advocacy group.
But the insurance company MetLife discontinued its discount programme with the NRA on Friday.
If you want to influence the NRA's actions, but want to minimize how much of your money goes into the pockets of NRA executives and vendors, the best deal is to purchase a discounted Life Membership at an NRA Annual Meeting.
The lowest favorability rating was in June 1995, when 42% viewed the NRA favorably, at a time when the NRA sent out a fundraising letter calling federal law enforcement agents "jack-booted government thugs" in the wake of the Waco siege in 1993.
NRA Chief Executive Boyko Atanasov pointed out that the NRA had achieved excellent results in a very difficult year and thanked the NRA staff for the efforts aimed at improving collection.
The NRA likes to note that it has always been heavily dependent on membership dues and small donors.
The NRA has had a stranglehold on Congress," she added as she marched toward the NRA's unmarked office.
Mr Justice Peter Kelly noted, if the NRA was correct, it was accepted there was no means whereby overcharged motorists would be compensated.
The NRA defended itself by claiming that it was acting in the best interest of its members by keeping itself exempt from the law.
NRA has long been a leader in defense of constitutionally protected political speech, and they had stepped up in opposition to this latest threat.
This does not necessarily mean that all of the 4814 taxpayers will be sanctioned, the NRA said, perhaps in a bid to assuage concerns that thousands of Bulgarians could end up paying substantial fines because they had not registered under the VAT act.