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Monogram expects 2015 same store NOI growth between 3.
The increase in the NOI and in the same property NOI mainly derives from an increase in rent and operational streamlining at the management companies.
One supposed justification for not deducting allowances for tenant improvements and leasing commissions from income before arriving at NOI is that, under accounting rules, their costs usually have to be capitalized and therefore should not be expensed.
Comparable NOI from unconsolidated properties at the Company's ownership share for the quarter increased by approximately 8.
NOI provides a measure of rental operations, and does not factor in depreciation and amortization and non-property specific expenses such as general and administrative expenses.
The development of a formal partnership with MRI unites two thought leaders in the industry to enhance service to their mutual clients, and will allow NOI to gain a more intense understanding of the functionalities and capabilities of the MRI product line.
The NOI Director post is a term one, and is decided on by the Parliament, meaning the dismissal from it requires a vote by the Members of the Parliament.
General Growth believes that NOI is a useful supplemental measure of the Company's operating performance.
Comparable NOI from consolidated properties in the fourth quarter of 2007 increased by 5.
Same-store NOI on a cash basis of positive 3% to 5% for the full year, excluding the one-time restoration fee recognized in the comparative period of 2014.
Contact point (s): NOI - Rayonno upravlenie Sotsialno osiguryavane grad Kardzhali
Since 1989, the net operating income (NOI) per apartment per month has gone down each year, and this is the first time the data shows the NOI exceeds the 1989 amount - but not by much.