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NOBO (Non-Objecting Beneficial Owner)

A beneficial ("street") security holder who has not objected to his or her name being released to the Corporation, if the Corporation so requests.

Non-Objecting Beneficial Owner

A beneficial owner who has given his/her brokerage or bank permission to release his/her name and address to the publicly-traded companies in which the beneficial owner has stock. A beneficial owner is the effective owner of a security or asset, even though the security is actually held by the brokerage or bank. Registering oneself as a NOBO enables the company to contact the beneficial owner about the general meeting and give him/her other information.
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Explore the impact of allowing issuers to request stratified NOBO lists, including an extra fee for stratification.
Its industry-leading brands include Day-Timer[R], Swingline[R], Kensington[R], Quartet[R], NOBO, GBC[R], Rexel, and Wilson Jones[R], among others.
Beneficial shareholders who are unsure of whether they are a NOBO or OBO should contact their broker for further instruction.
Between the NOBO & OBO lists, insiders' shares and the restricted certificates there are only approximately twenty-four million shares actually being traded in the market.