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NOBO (Non-Objecting Beneficial Owner)

A beneficial ("street") security holder who has not objected to his or her name being released to the Corporation, if the Corporation so requests.

Non-Objecting Beneficial Owner

A beneficial owner who has given his/her brokerage or bank permission to release his/her name and address to the publicly-traded companies in which the beneficial owner has stock. A beneficial owner is the effective owner of a security or asset, even though the security is actually held by the brokerage or bank. Registering oneself as a NOBO enables the company to contact the beneficial owner about the general meeting and give him/her other information.
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In addition, measures should be made to replace OBO with NOBO as the default standard, and to allow current OBOs the opportunity to become NOBOs.
We believe that a NOBO list may provide a clue to the recent peculiarities in Shotpak's stock price movements," stated CEO Ignus Hattingh.
The NOBO listing, which stands for Non Objecting Beneficial Owners, allows the company to identity a portion of its beneficial shareholders who maintain their ownership through a brokerage and who have instructed their broker that they do not object to the disclosure of certain ownership information.
GenX believes that a NOBO list may provide an insight into the recent peculiarities in GNXC's stock price movements.
Between the current NOBO and OBO lists on file and the shareholder list form the transfer agent our advisors have determined a minimum short position of 15,000,000 shares discrepancy after all factors were considered.
com and E5W on the Frankfurt Exchange, has received its NOBO report (Non-Objecting Beneficial Owners) and has compared it to the DTC and transfer agent shareholders lists.
In addition to this known verified short position, management has verified at least three other individually known shareholder cases where share counts were not reported back properly on the NOBO list.
The corporation will cross reference the information provided against a current NOBO list.
The Action, gathering a number of NSAs and NoBos from different Member States, will analyse the ERTMS authorisation procedures (in few member states) and propose a single simplified and harmonised procedure.