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I have different names such as miiling, kiki, nobo, banji, and with these names, I assume different forms off and on.
For his part, the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency Nobo Tanaka said, in a comment on the incidents in Libya, that OPEC has enough capacity to enable it to relinquish any shortage that might take place in Libya or any other place.
Nobo Project, a 3-year-old colt ridden by jockey Kosei Miura, leaned inside at a strange angle while in the lead on the fourth bend, causing the horses trailing him and their jockeys to tumble one after the other.
17 December 2009 - Swedish high-tech company Anoto Group AB (STO: ANOT) said today that it developed a digital pen in cooperation with US branded office products supplier ACCO Brands Inc (NYSE: ABD) for ACCO's Nobo Kapture digital flipchart.
Curacao: Partido Antia Restruktura (PAR); Frente Obrero Liberashon 30 di Mei (FOL); MAN; Partido Nashonal di Pueblo (PNP); Forsa Korsou; Niun Paso Atras (NPA); Partido Laboral Krusado Popular (PLKP); Pueblo Soberano; Partido Democraat (DP); Un Pueblo Nobo; Moviemenu Social Laboral (MSL); Curacao Nobo Nobo (CNN); Partido Adelanto Korsou (PAK); Vota Kontra; Geen Stap Terug (GST); Movementu Patriotiko Korsou (MPK); Socialistise Party Antilliaanse Nederlanders (SPAN); BanVota; PAPPS; E Mayoria; ModPOR; Akshon Pro Independensha; Partido Trafiko Sigur (PTS); Lista Patriotiko Korsou (LPK); P-100.
His work has appeared in numerous periodicals and newspapers including African Voices, NOBO: A Journal of African American Dialogue, Black Voices, Black American Literature Forum, Callaloo, and The Black Nation, as well as anthologies including bum rush the page, Racing & (E)Racing Language: Living with the Color of Our Words, New Rain, Vol.
Chapter 5 deals with the characteristics that may be identified as definitive of Kwoma 'style', that is, a distinct way (nobo) of doing things.
Marta Nobo will be promoted to senior manager, Finance and assistant treasurer, while Alejandra Ramirez Marin will be promoted to senior manager, Corporate Accounting and assistant controller.
Nanzi i su yunan a hana pana nobo i Shi Maria a hana un shimis tur di kanchi i bordur i un sombre ku pluma di abestrus.
Examples of newer developments by the same developers include Continuum Partners' Kent Place and, prospectively, Union Station; Coburn Development's Penny Flats in Fort Collins, and 1505 Pearl project, where Coburn is converting Boulder's old Goodyear Tire site into 12,000 square feet of retail on the first floor and 22 residential lofts, and many other projects; and Porch-Front Homes' Longmont-based Mill Village and Boulder's NoBo.