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NLS is a privately owned, Swiss-based biotech firm focusing on the development of first-in-class treatments for ADHD, sleep disorders, cognitive impairment and other neurological disorders that remain largely underdiagnosed and for which unmet medical needs are significant.
Apply the appropriate NLS [or maximum-likelihood (ML)] estimator to (8) [or (9)] to obtain a consistent estimate of [alpha].
(NLS) is a division of Nations Companies which is a diversified provider of real estate information services including title, appraisal, and default.
Let A([xi], [tau]) describes the slowly varying envelope and satisfies the NLS equation (4); then the physical wave profile given by the surface elevation (2) can be written in real valued function
In this purpose, we consider another new nonsymmetric coupled nonlocal NLS equation called weakly coupled nonlocal NLS equation which is as follows:
To determine the safety of the gene delivery system composed of UTMD and NLS, the level of myocardial enzyme cardiac Troponin I (cTnI) before and after transfection of each group was detected.
The NLS equation describing evolution along the tanks of the complex normalized envelope A([xi],[eta]) from the initial condition prescribed at the wavemaker located at [eta] = 0 has the following form:
NLS is very proud of its sustained progress performance.
Participants were asked to identify if they had NLS certification and if so, in what area (for instance, literary, Nemeth).
Research methods: analysis of scientific articles, legal acts, information collected by NLS and SE Centre of registers; comparison of GIS data created by diverse state organisations and GIS data bases created in other European states.
The writings have now gone on display at the NLS in Edinburgh, along with exhibits detailing their controversial sale.
Optical parametric amplifications based on four-wave-mixing (FWM) in SOI waveguide have been theoretically investigated with the model of the coupled NLS equations describing the slowly varying amplitude of the optical waves [3-5].