Not held order

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Not held order (NH order)

Applies mainly to international equities. Market or limit order in which the customer does not desire to transact automatically at the inside market (market held) but instead has given the trader or floor broker (listed stock) time and price discretion in transacting on a best-efforts basis. This will not hold the broker responsible for missing the price within the limits (limit not held) or obtaining a worse price (market not held). The order is marked "not held, disregard tape/DRT, take time" or bears any such qualifying notation, excluding "or better." See: Held order.
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Not Held Order

An order to a broker to buy or sell a security where the broker is not held responsible for not obtaining the best available price. That is, the broker is given discretion as to when to execute the order, but if he makes a mistake and obtains an unfavorable price, he is not responsible. This is sometimes used in place of a limit order.
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