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(3) In 2014, the CES program published data on 374 MSAs, 29 MDs, 22 NECTAs, 9 NECTA Divisions, and 9 nonstandard areas.
Impact of 2013 OMB delineations on CES areas Type of area Number Number Number Number added dropped unchanged changed Total 32 12 286 125 Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) 24 10 267 82 Metropolitan Division (MD) 5 1 16 7 New England City and Township Area (NECTA) 0 1 0 21 NECTA Division 1 0 0 9 Nonstandard 2 0 3 6 Source: U.S.
In the same context, NECTA has approached NADRA for help.
NECTA, whose headquarters is in Rotherham, employs 230 people including engineers, site inspectors and tutors.
Connaught says it was attracted to NECTA because of the unrivalled knowledge and experience of its staff, the firm's excellence in delivery and the way its success has been achieved over recent years.
The purchase of NECTA, along with other compliance businesses, greatly enhances the breadth of service Connaught Compliance can deliver nationwide through its directly employed workforce.
NECTA has now assumed the mantle of responsibility for advising and supporting various industrial and commercial sectors by providing guidance and assistance to ensure compliance with current regulations and also to act as an intermediary between their members, the HSE and insurance companies.
NECTA's electrical safety service is aimed at helping companies meet their electrical safety obligations under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.