NASD Regulation, Inc.

NASD Regulation, Inc. (NASDR)

A subsidiary of the National Association of Securities Dealers established in 1996 in order to separate the regulation of broker-dealers from the operation of the Nasdaq Stock Market. NASDR oversees the activities of securities firms and registered securities professionals and has the power to censure, fine, and suspend NASD members. In addition, it oversees and regulates all trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market and the over-the-counter markets.
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The IARD, which is being built and will be administered and operated by NASD Regulation, Inc.
For risk managers looking to increase their arbitrament experience, the Office of Dispute Resolution for NASD Regulation, Inc.
NASD is responsible for the operation and regulation of Nasdaq and the over-the-counter securities markets; it is the parent company of NASD Regulation, Inc.
While Variable Annuities (VA) are sensible investments for many types of investors, NASD Regulation, Inc.
While overseeing this program, he represented the variable insurance product industry in a number of significant regulatory matters, appearing before regulatory agencies including the Securities and Exchange Commission, NASD Regulation, Inc.
has been granted its application to operate CroixNet(TM), an alternative trading system (ATS), by NASD Regulation, Inc.
and is currently pending before NASD Regulation, Inc.
This year's symposium will feature speaker Mary Schapiro, President of NASD Regulation, Inc.
After the SEC had cleared CorVu's Form 10-SB of further comments at the end of July, market makers were able to apply to the OTC Compliance Unit of NASD Regulation, Inc.
He asked the Marketmakers to contact the NASD Regulation, Inc.