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Starting June 25, 2013, the public may vote on their favorite and the top 40 finalists will be reviewed by a NAEBA committee.
NAEBA members firmly believe that home buyers have the same full and equal representation rights as sellers in any real estate transaction.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau stands as a strong partner in our efforts to help consumers understand the complexities of the home buying process," said Michael Crowley, 2010-2011 NAEBA President.
As the CFPB works to finalize its form, NAEBA has encouraged the bureau to expand its cost calculations from 5 years to 10 years, more clearly separate lender from non-lender costs, clarify how time-sensitive price comparisons are, and add more information about preliminary shopping for mortgages or home loans.
To learn more about NAEBA and the benefits of using an exclusive buyer agent, visit www.
Within a dual agency brokerage, there may be "buyer agents" but this differs from NAEBA (http://www.
To avoid conflicts, NAEBA members do not list homes for sale and never represent sellers.
But as we are evaluating homes with buyers we often run across this puffing from the real estate agents working to sell the home for the highest price," reported Barry Nystedt, President of the NAEBA.
In addition, negotiations with a builder's mortgage company can sometimes be stressful and costly," stated Barry Nystedt President of NAEBA.
In a nutshell," says Andrew Show, NAEBA president, "NAR and many of its state REALTOR associations have promulgated a falsification of the truth by claiming that real estate buyers are getting `exclusive buyer representation' when, in fact, these buyers are simply giving an `exclusive compensation agreement' to that particular Real Estate Company.
The revamped site allows the buyer to easily find an exclusive NAEBA member located conveniently in the buyer's area.