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The EyeMusic scans an image and represents pixels at high vertical locations as high-pitched musical notes and low vertical locations as low-pitched notes according to a musical scale that will sound pleasant in many possible combinations.
Member of the band Mudar Deeb said he has played on piano since he was 7 years old, adding that disability hasn't prevented him from pursuing his dream as he is able to play any song he hears without reading a musical note.
Even the rain stopped,as if in tribute,as soon as the first musical notes emerged.
There's a Lawrence Welk Museum, featuring the world's largest champagne glass, given to Welk in honor of his show's 25th anniversary, shops stacked with rows of Welk's and the Lennon Sisters' CDs and merchandise, and a sidewalk embedded with bronze musical notes.
At first glance, Kartscher's images--stormy seas, crystal mountains, musical notes, playing cards, giant eagles--seem to recall cover art for rock albums from the '70s and '80s, like those of ELO and Styx, who revived macho romanticism with synthesizers and electric guitars.
Developed as a "keyboard" of numbers representing the mathematical intervals between musical notes, Cuisenaire Rods, manufactured in plastic as well as wood and featured in dozens of resource books and K-12 programs, are used to help students visualize numbers and understand their relationship to one another; to bridge understanding from the concrete to the abstract.
Ajjan composed three musical pieces based on the musical notes in the tablet which dates back to 1400 BC, naming the pieces "Sunrise," "Sunset" and "Holiday in Ugarit.
FAMILIAR RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN SETS of musical notes, such as transposition between chords, directly translate into geometrical structures such as this Mobius strip--where each dot represents a whole class of equivalent two-note chords--or into structures with many dimensions.
The set includes a 15" x 23" felt background staff and 50 felt figures with musical notes, vocabulary and symbols.
Officers couldn't help but note that the house next door to the squalor is an immaculately groomed home known to locals as ``Graceland'' because of the front gates adorned with musical notes and silhouettes of Elvis Presley.
A theater set complete with stick figures, handheld puppets, and other characters is fronted by a staff of musical notes and backed by an open window and a ship.
MUSICAL notes from a Coventry choir will bring in notes of the financial kind for a charity that cares for adults with learning difficulties.