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City code

a regulatory system operated voluntarily by interested parties to the UK STOCK EXCHANGE that lays down ‘rules of good conduct’ governing the tactics and procedures used in TAKEOVER BIDS and MERGERS. The general purpose of the code is to ensure that all SHAREHOLDERS (both the shareholders of the firm planning the takeover and those of the target firm) are treated equitably, and that the parties involved in arranging a takeover bid do not abuse privileged ‘insider’ information, or misuse such tactics as CONCERT PARTIES, DAWN RAIDS and CHINESE WALLS.

The City code is administered by the City Panel on Takeovers and Mergers, which is responsible for formulating rules of practice and for investigating suspected cases of malpractice. See also INSIDER TRADING.

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In Article III, Section 82-57 of the Aurora Municipal Code defines discrimination as:
Defendant alleges that section 1131-1 of the municipal code preempts plaintiff's ordinance.
Addressing an apparent matter of first impression, the first district recently established precedent regarding taxicab affiliation liability where the plaintiff attempted to impute such liability based on the Chicago Municipal Code (the "municipal code" or "code") provisions governing the licensing and operation of taxicabs and taxicab affiliations.
Anthony Bonelli and Walter Jimison, both municipal code enforcement officers, shared Outstanding Public Safety Practitioner of the Year honors for thwarting acts of vandalism.
The service contains editorial from Law Bulletin publications Chicago Daily Law Journal, The Chicago Lawyer, Jury Verdict Reporters for Wisonsin and Illinois, as well as Illinois Human Rights Commission decisions, Illinois Supreme and Appellate Court opinions and summaries, and the City of Chicago Municipal Code.
The Illinois General Assembly amended the Illinois Municipal Code by changing Sections 1-2.
Obscure language in a Springfield municipal code allowed dance events to go later than they should have at the Springfield Regional Sports Center, city officials say.
PALMDALE -- More than 100 dogs were discovered living in unsanitary conditions in a dilapidated east Palmdale home that a municipal code investigator assigned to the case described as a potential public health risk.
This is to be replaced, among other things, with the help of the GEVER software by means of an electronic dossier management which fulfills the requirements of the municipal code of directives, the ordinance on the City Archives of Lucerne and the municipal registry.
The Illinois Municipal Code has been amended by modifying section 5/11-19-1 to add new language concerning the awarding of waste collection franchises.

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