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The Museum of Lebanese Prehistory, the trove's more mundane name, gathers a wide assortment of artifacts, ranging from the Paleolithic era to the Chalcolithic.
Is it the mundane name of the chief character - Harry Potter, rather than something like Tarquin Silverblade - that makes children identify with him?
At the company's annual MacWorld event in New York, boss Steve Jobs unveiled Jaguar, the latest version of the Mac operating system (n the UK it will go under the more mundane name of 10.
Horsehead" seems such a mundane name for this work of natural art, sculpted from the interstellar medium by the combined effects of gravity, radiation, and flowing gas.
ALTHOUGH the only criticism levelled at Derby winner Workforce was his rather mundane name, there were plenty of people who weren't happy after the race, including bookmakers, the BBC and hospitality companies.
But for every German pointer called Swiss Tony and pug known as Sir Alan, there are still plenty of more mundane names - such as Keith (cat), Dwayne (border terrier) and Dave (dachshund, female).
Google is a math club with mathematicians' sense of humor and its hottest technology has mundane names like "janitor.