Linear regression

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Linear regression

A statistical technique for fitting a straight line to a set of data points.

Linear Regression

A statistical technique in which one takes a set of data points and plots them on a line. Linear regression is used to determine trends in economic data. For example, one may take different figures of GDP growth over time and plot them on a line in order to determine whether the general trend is upward or downward.
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The StepWise technique allows to select potential components for simulation through multiple linear regression (Balbinot Junior et al.
After assessing two independent variables [rho] and v as one variable [rho]v, multiple linear regression analysis expression applied for the solution of the task becomes a linear regression analysis equation of one variable
Therefore, in all scenarios, the initial (starting) values of the estimates to be determined will be the one given by the classical multiple linear regression models as presented in the following:
These factors were processed for simple correlation and the factors which showed significant correlation with the pest population were computed for multiple linear regression analysis of variance with the objective to find the impact of these factors individually as well as in their possible combinations through steps.
Multiple linear regression results showed that the gender effect sizes were weaker when compared to SOM and both types of thinking in depression, but the gender, positive thinking, and SOM effect sizes were not significant when compared to negative thinking in anxiety.
Spectral reflectance measurements and the levels of Zn were compared by the stepwise multiple linear regression analysis method and for the regions that were considered high the R2 values (0.
920, so there is no first order linear autocorrelation in our multiple linear regression data.
The multiple linear regression models in Table 3 show the relative contribution of predictor variables of WC.
Multiple Linear Regression Model and body weight estimation using stepwise multiple regression analysis for female Beetal goats: The multiple linear equations for estimating live body weight from body measurements of Beetal goat are presented in Table 4.
Multiple linear regression analysis (MRA) was used to estimate the independent association among the number of complications and independent variables of age, distance from centres, comorbidity, level of activity in daily living, and PD self-management.
Using multiple linear regression, the researchers controlled for other cardiovascular risk factors, including age, gender, education, unemployment, smoking status and history, exposure to second-hand smoke, physical activity, alcohol use and body mass index.
Multiple linear regression analysis was used to determine the extent to which changes in participants' attitudes, subjective norms, and perceived behavioral control predicted their intentions to advocate for school health education.

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