Linear regression

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Linear regression

A statistical technique for fitting a straight line to a set of data points.

Linear Regression

A statistical technique in which one takes a set of data points and plots them on a line. Linear regression is used to determine trends in economic data. For example, one may take different figures of GDP growth over time and plot them on a line in order to determine whether the general trend is upward or downward.
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Multiple linear regression analysis also showed the concentrations of tanshinone 11A were linearly correlated to the EC50 values of the protective effects of Danshen water-extracts on H202-induced apoptosis in H9c2 cells (R = 0.
The second multiple linear regression equation examined the influence of service quality on donor longevity.
It is important to keep in mind that multiple linear regression analysis is simply building a mathematical model that predicts the selling price of homes based on linear relationships of a number of variables such as age, square footage, lot size, bathrooms, garage size, etc.
Multiple linear regression analysis was then conducted to determine if any combination of these characteristics might predict the outcomes of satisfaction and self-confidence better than any single demographic characteristic alone; the resulting model was found to be not significant.
The effects of the use of the different occupancy diversity factors in a multiple linear regression model of building HVAC consumption were evaluated using synthetic heating and cooling data from a calibrated DOE-2 simulation of the large university building studied by Bronson (1992).
Multiple linear regression model with step-wise forward selection for predicting muscle mass (by creatinine estimation) from BIA and anthropometric measurements SEE Significance Variable [R.
The coefficient (and P values in parenthesis) of multiple linear regressions between P.
The paper directly compares the use of Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) and Quantile Regression (QR) for modeling the IB of MDF.
0001 (a) Multiple linear regression analysis between the reciprocal of the respective serum concentrations, inulin clearance, and corticosteroid dose.
In a multiple linear regression analysis, living with a partner and using drugs other than marijuana were positively associated with the number of unprotected sex acts among adolescents reporting main partners.
Multiple linear regression was used to model the relationship between risk tolerance scores (dependent variable) and a set of demographic independent variables (i.

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