Multiple regression

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Multiple regression

The estimated relationship between a dependent variable and more than one explanatory variable.

Multiple Regression

In statistics, an equation showing the value of a dependent variable as a function of two or more independent variables. As with regression analysis, multiple regression analysis is important for determining certain economic phenomena.
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The Seventh Circuit's Guardian Pipeline decision encourages wider use of multiple regression analysis in valuation proceedings in place of the longstanding matched pair comparison canon.
Appraisers contemplating the use of multiple regression analysis in evaluating environmental stigma, or for any appraisal-related purpose, should remember the requirements in the COMPETENCY RULE of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).
The results of multiple regression analysis suggest that the UIBC is independently associated with an increase in the difference between the converted TIBC and the calculated TIBC.
For students aged 18-20 multiple regression analysis indicated that depression was positively associated with frequency of alcohol use, and that males used alcohol more frequently than did females; for students 21 years of age and older, none of the variables were associated with frequency of use.
of California-Riverside introduce descriptive data analysis for one and two variables, probability and sampling distributions, the analysis of variance, linear regression, and multiple regression analysis.
Multiple regression analysis for two unordered sets of predictors was used to evaluate how well the use of specific motivation and learning strategies predicted course grade.
In a multiple regression analysis, each of the existential issues assessed--hopelessness, sense of dignity, and being a burden to others--was significantly correlated with the will to live.
Mortality in the hospital and at 3 and 6 months after discharge was significantly higher among patients who experienced an episode of hypoglycemia while hospitalized, although multiple regression analysis suggested that hypoglycemia was not an independent predictor of mortality, said Dr.
He also authored numerous articles for professional journals throughout the world in various disciplines, on topics such as market data adjustments, multiple regression analysis as an approach to value, and internal rate of return and the reinvestment concept.
In this article, statistical (or factorial) experiment design and multiple regression analysis modeling are utilized.
Results of the multiple regression analysis revealed that the most important predictors of cost of case services were closure status, F (1, 99) = 7.

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