Multinational corporation

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Multinational corporation (MNC)

A firm that operates in more than one country.
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Multinational Corporation

A corporation that maintains assets and/or operations in more than one country. A multinational corporation often has a long supply chain that may, for example, require the acquisition of raw materials in one country, a product's manufacture in a second country, and its retail sale in a third country. A multinational often globally manages its operations from a main office in its home country. Multinational corporations are controversial among groups such as environmentalists and worker advocates, who claim that multinationals exploit resources and employees. On the other hand, proponents argue that multinationals create wealth in every country where they operate, which ultimately benefits workers as well as shareholders.
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I may be just an empty flesh terminal reliant on technology for all my ideas, memories and relationships, but I am confident that all of that everything that makes me a unique human being is still out there somewhere, safe in a theoretical storage space owned by giant, multinational corporations.
These nations, according to the report, take advantage of minimal and otherwise non-existent transparency, systemic loopholes and non-implementation of anti-avoidance mechanisms in a racket where an estimated $500 billion in corporate tax is dodged each year globally by multinational corporations.
Representatives of business community, different multinational corporations from across the country participated in the Summit.
They consider how conventional incentive systems foster or prevent corruption in these corporations, how these systems should be adjusted to ensure more effective compliance with formal anti-bribery rules and multinational corporations, how incentive systems should be adjusted to foster anti-bribery whistleblowing, and the difficulties in introducing anti-bribery incentives.
The offices should let the government of their host nation and its departments, legislators, media, multinational corporations and airlines know Taiwan's official stance in the matter, Lee said.
The counsel contended that the law had been passed depriving the farmers of their traditional farming practices and instead the multinational corporations had been accomodated to protect their genetically breeding practices which was contagious to the environment,anti competitive harmful for the national economy.
The petitioner had maintained that the law has been passed to facilitate the multinational corporations after which the farmers would be forced to purchase expensive seeds from them, adding that it deprives the local farmers of a fair competition in the market making food expensive in the upcoming years.
'For now any multinational corporation interested in submitting a proposal must do so in partnership with a local company.
Taxation of multinational corporations has been a focus of the U.S.
International Tax Avoidance by Multinational Corporations
InvestKL, a Malaysian government agency, boosts efforts to lure key multinational corporations, including oil and gas firms, to locate their operations in Greater Kuala Lumpur.

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