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Ironshore underwrites insurance protection for political risk, confiscation, expropriation, nationalization and deprivation (CEND), multibuyer exposures, as well as structured trade finance transactions.
To prepare students for a career in today's sales space, MBA programs must require courses in fundamental sales, including one-to-one methodologies; advanced sales that cater to complex, multibuyer methodologies; advanced valuations and analytic processes for customer development; cross-channel sales management; modern sales technology; and business communication, according to the report.
Hoque (2008) developed an integrated production and delivery for single vendor multibuyer problems.
The Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank) has raised the upper limit of its small business multibuyer export credit insurance policy.
Louis area has one of the highest percentages of multibuyer families in the nation.
ABRO has skillfully used Ex-Im Bank multibuyer insurance to grow its business in sub-Saharan Africa, a region which offers important opportunities for U.
For marketplaces--especially multibuyer marketplaces--to work, good governance is needed to ensure that buyers agree on the terms of their involvement and commit themselves to supply liquidity.
For example, if an individual purchases from three different women's apparel catalogs, and each of these catalog marketers participate in a cooperative database, one record is created that contains detail of purchases from each catalog, as well as summary information that says the person is a three-time multibuyer with the cumulative dollar value spent in the catalogs.
Currently, Quintel's growing network of strategic investments and marketing partnerships includes MultiBuyer.
com, one of the Web's fastest growing free lotteries, Multibuyer.
Co-Market Exclusive Products Through MultiBuyer, Quintel Network