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Not surprisingly, such mergers increased with the deregulation of restrictions on branching and multibank holding company activity.
This number overstates the net loss of banking organizations, however, partly because in some cases more than one bank owned by the same multibank holding company failed.
(45) Geographic expansion within states has been determined by state laws and has typically taken the form of unit banking (no branches), limited branching, statewide branching, or the multibank holding company form of organization.
For a multibank holding company, the FIMS rating is calculated as the asset-weighted average of its subsidiary banks' FIMS ratings.
Before Ozark Bankshares became a multibank holding company in the mid-'80s, its majority owners were also majority owners of Newton County Bank and Arkansas Valley Bank, Ross says.
Institutions that are part of a multibank holding company may be able to draw on the resources of the parent and affiliates.
Second, the consortium approach may limit the ability of a multibank holding company to assist its affiliate banks, often located in different communities and states.