manufacturing resource planning

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manufacturing resource planning (MRP II)

a computer-based PRODUCTION planning system which integrates all the resource requirements of a firm, including not only the control of raw materials and components (the central concern of MATERIALS REQUIREMENTS PLANNINGMRP) but also labour, machines and other resource needs. See PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT.
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Many enterprises that implemented MRP II earlier are upgrading their systems to ERP systems, more applications have been integrated, system function is stronger, and the degree of integration is getting higher and higher (Li, 2000b).
Many operations such as Procter & Gamble have integrated their production scheduling software with MRP II, Distribution Resource Planning (DRP), such as inventory control, and other corporate data systems.
The AS/400 is the plant's main hardware link to an MRP II system (PRISM from Marcam, Newton, Mass.).
"The ABCs of MRP II," Wight wrote, "are C - hardware and software; B - accurate, timely data; and A - people, people, people."
Such industry cooperation has its precedent in the MRP II world, which APICS helped create and nurture.
"What's new in ERP is no different than what has always been new in the product category currently known as 'ERP,' formerly 'MRP II' [manufacturing resource planning], formerly 'MRP' [material requirements planning]: The difference has to do with what's being added to ERP," says Shepherd.
In fact, ERP is generally considered to be the evolutionary next step from age-old materials requirements planning (MRP) and manufacturing resource planning (MRP II) packages.
And it means having robust MRP II (materials requirements planning) and EDI (electronic data interchange) systems, supplied by System Software Associates, Inc.
(Eight are distribution facilities.) A patchwork of custom software applications was subsequently transferred into an integrated Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP II) environment.
He is responsible for consulting services and educational offerings, with primary emphasis in MRP II systems, JIT manufacturing, CIM, business planning, materials management, and shop-floor control.
Despite the promises fueling the march of acronym-laden technologies for the past 20 years--MRR MRP II, MES, ERP, APS, SCM, and more--manufacturing's problem still is the big disconnect in the information that resides in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and the schedules that it produces versus-what-the-plant-is-executing-and-actually-producing.
The software makes the bridge from the MRP II schedule to the materials management software and cell controllers that coordinate sequencing of the AS/RS with real-time production activities.