manufacturing resource planning

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manufacturing resource planning (MRP II)

a computer-based PRODUCTION planning system which integrates all the resource requirements of a firm, including not only the control of raw materials and components (the central concern of MATERIALS REQUIREMENTS PLANNINGMRP) but also labour, machines and other resource needs. See PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT.
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HawkPoint Technologies helps converting and label customers streamline workflow, manage inventory, reduce waste and increase profit margins by integrating their Shop Floor, MRP II and Reporting Dashboard software systems.
For integrated computer aided manufacturing engineering the efficient integration not only CAPP and MRP II functions, but also the structure of data and data bases is necessary.
By the early 1980s, companies using MRP II had embraced using the automated costing roll-up structures to speed up closing their month-end financial statements.
It is important to highlight that the production activities shown in this work have differences in semantic values, from simple consultations, such as "Current Balance" and the "Historical Demand Data", and business practices, such as "Purchase Order" and "Work Order", to complex processing, such as MRP and MRP II.
Desde su nacimiento hasta nuestros dias el MRP no ha permanecido inalterable, antes bien, ha sido objeto de diversas extensiones pudiendose distinguir en su evolucion cuatro sistemas: MRP originario, MRP de Bucle Cerrado, MRP II y, la mas reciente de sus versiones, el ERP.
In early 1980s, most Chinese enterprises have limited knowledge on MRP II and ERP.
But it may help organisations avoid the fate of the recipient of my MRP II code: the forklift truck unit was sold a couple of years after the rewrite and its parent descended into receivership.
Los topicos que sigue a continuacion representan los principales componentes de los modelo MRP / MRP II.
Another problem that the MRP II scheduling practice created was that it resulted in multitasking.
One goal of these partnerships is to utilize full functionality of MRP II, the designated inventory system, to improve material forecasts by better managing the bills of material (BOMs), replacement factors (RFs), and lead times loaded in MRP II.
JD Edwards has helped revolutionise the supply chain at Winstone Wallboards and provides the technical structure behind the company's MRP II process improvement.
For example, it is estimated that only 58% of all MRP II installations are successful, and only 8% have achieved a positive improvement in performance from their ERP implementation.