mortgage bond

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Mortgage bond

A bond in which the issuer has granted the bondholders a lien against the pledged assets. See: Collateral trust bonds

Mortgage Bond

A long-term bond secured by the payments on one or more mortgages. For example, a mortgage corporation may issue a bond backed by payments it receives from clients. This provides the issuer with working capital while providing a relatively safe investment for bondholders. In the event of default, bondholders have the right to take possession of and sell the property underlying the mortgage in order to recover their investments. See also: Mortgage-backed security.

mortgage bond

A long-term debt security that is secured by a lien on specific assets, usually on fixed assets such as real estate. See also closed-end mortgage, open-end mortgage.
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which sold high-risk mortgage-backed bond funds to nearly 2,000 Arkansas investors who were led to believe they were low-risk, the Arkansas Securities Department announced last week.
Fellow State-backed player Lloyds Banking Group has already re-launched into the market, selling a mortgage-backed bond last year, with others following suit.
Global mortgage-backed bond issuance slumped to $40 billion in the third quarter, its lowest level since 1995, when the market was still in its infancy and limited almost entirely to the U.
The US mortgage-backed bond fund will collapse if its lenders seize its remaining assets.
Unfortunately, the colleges "got stung badly in the crash of the bond market in the fall of 1993 -- and, in particular, the crash of the mortgage-backed bond market," appeals Judge E.
A US regulator has slapped UBS with a multi-million dollar fine for deceiving investors who bought a risky mortgage-backed bond transaction during the financial crisis.
Global Banking News-May 15, 2012--Santander plans mortgage-backed bond issuance(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
57% thought that changes in home prices were the largest determinant of mortgage-backed bond performance.
Regulatory pressures are likely to encourage an acceleration in mortgage-backed bond issues by insurers because securitized debt offers significant advantages in risk-based capital requirements over whole loans," Kane said.
MC), has announced that it would be launching a mortgage-backed bond in the UK.
The bank was told that the UK residential mortgage-backed bond markets may stay shut throughout the rest of this year because banks have incurred losses from the financial crisis.
UL) has set up a EUR30bn mortgage-backed bond to keep on its balance sheet as a safeguard against market uncertainty.