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Historically, mortgage referrals have been a dominant aspect of much of the new business coming to lenders.
She also managed mortgage referrals for six bank branches and their referral networks.
The deal clincher for Kal was the promise that they would get exclusive mortgage referrals from FHP.
When the bank planned to hold a barbecue for Realtors who provided mortgage referrals to the financial institution, Middleburg knew that the direct mail invitation would have to grab attention--since Realtors typically receive a large volume of invitations and other mail.
The lenders have also been very keen to take part, as it makes no difference to them who their mortgage referrals come from.
The RealXReferral program minimizes 'the flip' associated with mortgage referrals.
Realtors were accountable for nearly 75 percent of all first-time homebuyer mortgage referrals.
It provides our network with a new source of mortgage referrals, and with the cash back offer creates even more consumer interest in our respective services, which in turn increases our referral volume.
Such a restructuring, if it occurs, could effectively shut out those mortgage bankers who remain dependent on the traditional approach of calling on real estate agents for mortgage referrals.