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With so many foreign banks buying into our mortgage derivative schemes, no other outcome was possible.
The process of unwinding subprime mortgage derivative swaps and other commercial derivative swaps hasn t materially improved over the last three months but is now being overlooked by investors as the banks are simply not talking about them," Dickson said.
In one form or another, the AIG and mortgage derivative cases share characteristics that result in similar outcomes: Notwithstanding a great many records in many places, the result was not the clarity and certainty those records were supposed to ensure, but opacity, confusion, and staggeringly large financial losses.
Imagine if we had allowed the mortgage derivative markets to do the same thing.
The first effort involves an interagency statement issued in February of this year on the proper use by banks of so-called "high risk" derivative instruments-- investments such as interest- or principal-only mortgage derivative securities.
Last year, Goldman paid USD550m to settle fraud charges from the Securities and Exchange Commission, relating to a particular mortgage derivative, the report said, adding that the US Justice Department is also investigating the bank.
A third major mortgage derivative blowup hit an $827 million mutual fund run by Piper Capital Management, a subsidiary of Piper-Jafray Companies Inc.
12 May 2010 - US Morgan Stanley's (NYSE:MS) CEO James Gorman said today he was not aware that the firm was under scrutiny by local federal authorities in relation to mortgage derivative deals, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.
A high-risk mortgage security is defined as any mortgage derivative product that has (1) an expected weighted-average life greater than eight years (i.

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