Mortgage Company

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Mortgage Company

A mortgage lender that sells all the loans it originates in the secondary market.

See Mortgage Lender/Mortgage Banks Versus Portfolio Lenders.

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At CPC Mortgage Company, we've built our foundation on bringing products and first-class technical assistance to the small building market," said Mike DeWitt, vice president & mortgage officer at CPC Mortgage Company LLC.
Opposed to the State Mortgage Company, Rosinbank does not get money from the state budget, he said.
Franklin American Mortgage Company is a highly-regarded national mortgage servicing and origination firm with a leading position among private, non-bank mortgage companies.
It became a catastrophic problem for Jenny when the credit reference agencies told her that they could only correct their files once the mortgage company had updated its records.
Before the 2007 crisis, this "repeat-complaint-oriented supervision" had little power to systematically affect mortgage company behavior, leaving them essentially free of regulatory oversight.
The mortgage company will be financed from Russia's $100 million allocation to Kyrgyzstan-Russia Investment Fund, Prime Minister Otorbayev said.
11, Charlotte, North Carolina-based RoundPoint Mortgage Company announced it was the first lender to reach the 3,000-review mark on the Zillow site, which also made it the most-reviewed lender on the site.
In Oct 2013 National Mortgage Company (NMC) refinanced 74 mortgage loans worth 577.5mln AMD.
Robins Federal was also named best mortgage company for the first time.
A California mortgage company has agreed to pay a $20,000 fine for mailing what Arkansas Securities Commissioner Heath Abshure said were deceptive direct-mail solicitations designed to suggest an affiliation with the Office of Veterans Affairs.
Fed by a 400 percent increase in the number of bank failures, 2009's numbers crushed the previous record for yearly mortgage company failures, which had been set at 165 in 2007.

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