Morningstar, Inc.

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Morningstar, Inc.

A corporation that provides research and advisory services to clients. Its clients tend to be institutional investors, though a wide range of investors read its advisory newsletters. Morningstar is particularly well-known for its one page newsletters on more than 2,000 mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. Some of its information is available for free on its website, but more detailed information is provided through subscription services.

Morningstar, Inc.

A Chicago-based financial information service best known for its mutual fund publication and mutual fund rating system. The firm's star-based rating system is widely utilized by individual investors in selecting mutual funds. Morningstar ratings are frequently included in mutual fund advertising.

Morningstar, Inc..

Morningstar, Inc., offers a broad range of investment information, research, and analysis online, in software products, and in print.

For example, the company rates open- and closed-end mutual funds and variable annuities, as well as other investment products, using a system of one to five stars, with five being the highest rating.

The Morningstar system is a risk-adjusted rating that brings performance, or return, and risk together into one evaluation.

In addition, Morningstar produces analytical reports on the funds and variable annuities it rates, as well as on stocks sold in US and international markets.

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Morningstar launched its Analyst Rating for funds and Global Fund Reports in November 2011.
Building upon the Sustainability Rating and its work with Sustainalytics, in October 2016 Morningstar launched the Global Sustainability Index Family, a series of 27 global equity indexes designed to provide a standard for sustainability investing.
When asked if it believes the stars are predictive, a Morningstar spokesman said: "That depends on your interpretation of the word 'predictive' - [does it mean] guaranteed or associated with good outcomes?
Morningstar is a provider of independent investment research in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.
The Morningstar Convertible Arbitrage Hedge Fund Index rose 2.
NASDAQ OMX and Morningstar are filling a void that has existed for some time, particularly among small- to mid-cap companies," said Bruce Aust, Executive Vice President of NASDAQ OMX.
But completing the Ibbotson deal also would make Morningstar one of the largest independent providers of managed retirement accounts in the industry, Morningstar says.
Although Morningstar compares all mutual funds with the S&P 500, CPAs should use it as a benchmark only for large cap growth funds with a consistent earnings substyle.
During the 12-month period ending March 30, 2012, six Focus[TM] Morningstar ETFs had total returns of greater than 10 percent: Focus[TM] Morningstar Consumer Cyclical Index ETF (FCL), Focus[TM] Morningstar Consumer Defensive Index ETF (FCD), Focus[TM] Morningstar Health Care Index ETF (FHC), Focus[TM] Morningstar Real Estate Index ETF (FRL), Focus[TM] Morningstar Technology Index ETF (FTQ) and Focus[TM] Morningstar Utilities Index ETF (FUI).
Rob Pinkerton has been appointed chief marketing officer (CMO), a new role for Morningstar, reporting to Mansueto.
Based in Chicago, Illinois, Morningstar is present in 27 countries.
One of our growth strategies is to create a premier global investment database, and our acquisition of the Global Reports business advances our goal of having the most comprehensive information for public companies," said Liz Kirscher, president of data services for Morningstar.