Morgan Stanley Capital International

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Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI)

This firm publishes a number of well known benchmarks, such as the MSCI World Index.
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Morgan Stanley Capital International

A financial services company based in New York. Founded in 1970, it has been publicly-traded since 1986 and specializes in market analysis and the publication of various indices. It is perhaps best known for the MSCI World Index and the MSCI EAFE Index. While it is a publicly-traded company, the majority shareholder is Morgan Stanley. For this reason, some Morgan Stanley products, notably iShares, track MSCI indices.
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Pour sa part, l'action du promoteur immobilier Addoha, 1ere capitalisation de son secteur, a renoue avec sa tendance globalement baissiere entamee depuis la veille de sa sortie de l'indice international Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI-EM), (-2,26 pc).
Taipei, May 17, 2012 (CENS) -- Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) carried out quarterly adjustment of its indices on May 16 morning, lowering the weighting of Taiwanese stocks in two indices.
The UAE and Qatar get to live another six months as 'frontier markets' in the eyes of Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) Index.
Goldman Sachs said Indian equity markets may moderately outperform the Asian region on a six months basis as the price to earnings valuations for Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) India index are just at 14 times forward earnings.
But if the reopening had been delayed further, Egyptian companies would have been excluded from the Morgan Stanley Capital International Index, forcing foreign investors to sell their stakes at the earliest possibility.
Another influential index, Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI), has also announced that the UAE and Qatar will be under review for a potential reclassification to emerging markets in 2011.
MSCI, formerly Morgan Stanley Capital International, creates equity, fixed income, and hedge fund indices, and offers risk management and portfolio analysis tools used by the world's leading asset management firms.
Morgan Stanley Capital International Perspective, Morgan Stanley, 1251 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY; a publication with information about the stocks of over 2,100 companies located worldwide; primarily for institutional investors; price $5,000 annually; can be viewed at Morgan Stanley offices in major cities around the country.
Three of the four stocks he selected from the Harris Insight International fund, which he advises, saw double-digit gains but lagged behind the 20.7% return for the benchmark Morgan Stanley Capital International EAFE Index of European, Australian, Asian, and Far Eastern companies.
The standard was developed by Morgan Stanley Capital International Inc (MSCI) and Standard & Poor's (S&P).
Morgan Stanley Capital International's Asia Pacific Index, tracking more than 800 companies in 14 countries, climbed 18 per cent for the quarter through 26 September.
Meanwhile, a second software firm, Iona Technologies, has been wiped off the Morgan Stanley Capital International Ireland Index.

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