Moody's Investment Grade

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Moody's investment grade

A rating of one through four assigned by Moody's Investors Service to bonds.

Moody's Investment Grade

1. A ratings system used by Moody's to gauge the risk of municipal bonds and the creditworthiness of their issuers. The ratings are number one through four, with a one (MIG 1) representing the highest quality and a four (MIG 4) representing the lowest quality.

2. In other bonds, a rating higher than Baa, indicating that the issue is sufficiently low risk as to allow banks to invest in them. See: Investment-grade.

Moody's Investment Grade (MIG)

A rating system used by Moody's Investors Service for municipal notes. The rating system classifies notes into four grades: MIG 1, best quality; MIG 2, high quality; MIG 3, favorable quality; and MIG 4, adequate quality.
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