Monthly Income Preferred Securities

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Monthly Income Preferred Securities

Preferred stock representing a portion of ownership in a limited partnership. The limited partnership is a subsidiary of another company and exists only for the purpose of issuing the MIPS. The proceeds from MIPS are lent to the partnership's parent company. These securities thus combine aspects of stocks and bonds; they mature on a monthly basis and usually have a par value of $25. Returns on MIPS come out of the partnership's pretax earnings.

Monthly Income Preferred Securities (MIPS)

A type of preferred stock issued by a special-purpose partnership with the intent of lending the proceeds of the stock issue to a corporate parent. Interest received by the partnership is used to pay dividends to the preferred stockholders. The relatively complicated structure of such a stock issue provides a tax deduction to the corporate parent, which pays interest rather than dividends. MIPS offer higher yields than regular preferred stock and can generally be redeemed in five years.
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1 million shares of Class D Monthly Income preferred shares for $25 per share, for a total of $127.
As part of the separation, the monthly income preferred shares (MIPS) and convertible quarterly income preferred securities (QUIPS) are being called and the company's preferred stock is being redeemed.
166667 on the Enron Capital LLC 8% Cumulative Guaranteed Monthly Income Preferred Shares for the month of January, payable January 31, 1997 to stockholders of record as of January 30, 1997.

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