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Forget Mongo," I whispered as I reached for my bow.
Dialogue and performances are pretty wooden, and costume design for the women of Mongo appears to have been cribbed from the '60s version of "Star Trek.
Most mongo hunters have stories about similarly amazing finds.
Mangi Mongo was completed and ready for the water in just over three months from the day Paio initially cut down his canoe tree in the Bitoi Delta.
Luke 'Ming' Flannigan, from Co Roscommon bears an uncanny resemblance to Flash Gordon's arch enemy on planet Mongo, and is spearheading the campaign to legalise cannabis in Ireland.
By now, you're probably down with the typical trials of teendom-those turbo-charged emotions, a constantly morphing hod, fickle friends and, of course, the occasional mongo zit.
With: Fabienne Babe, Julien Courbey, Kader Ayd, Hocine Ossoukine, Stephane Soo Mongo.
Instead, Mama forces the girl to binge, beats her until she delivers her first baby prematurely (a girl called Little Mongo, for Mongoloid), and finally drives her out of the house when she learns Precious is pregnant for the second time.
At our monthly "Boule Blanches" we usually presented new and untried Cuban orchestras such as Perez Prado, Tito Puente, Mongo Santamaria and Bobby Capo.
Jaques Fame Ndongo proclaimed the pragmatic aesthetics for the new African writings in his Le prince et le scribe, in which he denounces the defeatist writings of Mongo Beti, Alioum Fantore, Emanuel Dongala, and the likes, by saying:
Thereafter, as Mongo Beti, he published Le Pauvre Christ de Bomba (1956; translated as The Poor Christ of Bomba, 1971), Mission terminee (1957; translated as Mission to Kala, 1964), and Le Roi miracul e (1958; translated as King Lazarus, 1971).