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TRAGIC: He said Mr Shields received at least two phone messages from the money-lender the night before he died.
Charalambous said it was only logical for money-lenders to want their money back, but on the other hand this habit often led to "other very serious crimes".
The second major source of loan is village money-lenders which constitutes 29.35 and 22.62 per cent among the landless households and on marginal size of holdings respectively.
'At Christmas, those who have little cash have nowhere to turn and illegal money-lenders are always happy to step in.
In this ocean of debt, individuals, businesses and governments tend to be hard up and unable to pay for all the goods and services that are needed - hence unemployment, and much needed real wealth is not created; but money-lenders always do all right.
(the proceeds of which were earmarked for military condotte and the maintenance of castles) -- as well as the obligations owed by various money-lenders (fenerantes) both Christian and Jewish.
Inviting Jewish money-lenders into the city had been under consideration for some time.
Brian "The judge said it was 'deliberate, blatant, systematic and sustained intimidation'." Mr Twigg added: "In the current climate more has to be done to protect vulnerable people from evil money-lenders."
"These residents will be forced deeper into the clutches of loan sharks and `legal' money-lenders who charge extortionate rates."
And their parents could be driven into the hands of money-lenders by the natural desire to fill their stockings.
FALLING into the clutches of vicious money-lenders is trouble enough.
When an attempt is made to set up a credit union on his estate to beat the rogue money-lenders, he helps to get it off the ground.