wire transfer

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Wire transfer

Electronic transfer of funds; usually involves large dollar payments.

Wire Transfer

The direct, electronic transfer of funds from one bank account to another. Wire transfer is instantaneous and is a fairly common way to send funds to another party very quickly. However, wire transfers sometimes have higher fees than, say, writing checks. Outside North America, wire transfers are sometimes known as telegraph transfers.

wire transfer

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XOPO enables international money transfer via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and WeChat.
HomeSend's extensive coverage allows us to reach more countries where cost-effective money transfer is so integral to the daily lives of our customers.
ersal money transfer service which is the money transfer joint venture launched by Saudi Post and Alinma Bank.
The service will be activated immediately as the customer will receive an SMS with a personal confidential password that enables him to conduct money transfer service," read the statement.
com) is an online money transfer tracking service offered to NRIs by ICICI Bank, for over a decade.
Vodafone Money Transfer is safe, simple, quick and the most convenient way to send money to family overseas.
In partnership with Doha Bank, Vodafone's financial services provider for Vodafone Money Transfer, and Globe Telecom, the new service will enable customers to instantly make mobile-to-mobile money transfer from Qatar to the Philippines.
This new distribution agreement will begin to place RegaloCard's products in Dinero Ahora's 1,200 money transfer market services footprint and is the first partnership RegaloCard has announced with a money transfer marketing services company.
Western Union, a leader in global money transfer services, has announced a reduction in the fees for money transfers from Kuwait to India.
The lure of iKobo's money transfer services is convenience, says Marvin Johnson, who was named the company's CEO in January 2002 after iKobo acquired Cipher-Link, the security software company Johnson founded in 1999.
With Dinero Seguro, which is Spanish for ``secure money,'' the Postal Service is expected to become a direct competitor to the big three in the money transfer market: Western Union and Orlandi Valuta, both owned by First Data Corp.
Leading Money Transfer Company Kicks Off International Fraud Awareness Week With Enhanced Interactive Website to Educate Consumers on Common Money Scams