Money market yield

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Money market yield

A bond quotation convention based on a 360-day year and semiannual coupons. See: Bond equivalent yield.

Bond Equivalent Yield

The non-annual yield of a bond expressed in annual terms. The bond equivalent yield helps an investor compare the return of a bond that pays a coupon on an annual basis with a bond with semi-annual, quarterly, or any other coupons. It is calculated thusly:

Bond equivalent yield = ((face value - purchase price) / purchase price) * (365 / days until maturity). See also: Annual Percentage Rate.
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The first generation product to obtain acceptance was adjustable rate preferred stock, a security with a dividend rate that is adjusted quarterly to reflect changes in money market yields.
Warburg Pincus Asset Management is initially offering two money market funds, designed to offer money market yields with a stable $1 share price, as part of WorldPerks InvestorMiles.
money market yields and their associated currency movements through a fully transparent, low fee ETF structure," said Bruce Lavine, WisdomTree President & COO.
These funds are managed with the objective of maintaining a stable principal, or net asset value, usually $1 per share, while providing competitive money market yields.
With billions in assets, they offer CD and Money Market yields that consistently exceed the national averages, according to a recent survey of financial institutions by BanxQuote.
While apartments acquired during the past two years provided returns well in excess of the initial cost of capital used to fund their acquisition, the benefit of these newer apartment acquisitions was offset by the dilutive effect of low money market yields from the temporary investment of the proceeds from the Trust's January 1992 common stock offering.
e-Savings Advantages -- Low minimum balance to open -- Most are free of monthly maintenance fees -- Make deposits or withdrawals from your bank's checking account -- Most offer free ATM withdrawals with surcharge rebates -- Highly comparable rates to money market yields CD Disadvantages -- Higher minimum balance to open -- No fees but early withdrawal penalties can apply -- Standard CDs are locked-in for the term, no additions or withdrawals allowed -- No ATM access -- Higher yields require a longer investment period
However, much of this benefit from spreads on these newer acquisitions was offset by the dilutive effect of low money market yields on the temporary investment of excess cash from the January stock offering.
He notes that they currently are yielding approximately 4 percent versus money market yields, which are hovering below 1 percent.
Back in the early '80s, people were under the impression that those 10 percent money market yields were fantastic.
Meanwhile, despite the tightening of money market yields, 10-year bond yields are close to the lows reached during the Asia crisis, offering corporate issuers an opportunistic window for lengthening maturities.