Money manager

Money manager

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Investment Manager

A person or, more often, a bank or business who controls an investment portfolio on behalf of a client. Investment managers make investment decisions on behalf of the client in accordance to the parameters set by the client. The goal is to make the most profit for the client as possible. Some investment managers have more autonomy than others, depending upon the client's needs and desires. Institutional investment managers normally hire a team to work on the different accounts it has under management. Unlike brokers, investment managers are not paid on commission, but rather by a percentage of the total amount of money under management. This gives the investment manager an incentive to work for the client's profit, as the more money the manager accumulates, the more he/she/it makes. An investment manager is also known as a money manager or portfolio manager. See also: Advisory account, Discretionary account, Markowitz Portfolio Theory.
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money manager

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Money manager.

Registered money managers are paid professionals who are responsible for handling the securities portfolios they oversee in the best interest of the institutions or individuals for whom they work. That obligation is known as fiduciary responsibility.

The specific decisions an individual money manager makes vary, depending on the portfolio in question. For example, pension funds, mutual funds, and insurance companies have money managers, as do endowments, managed accounts, and hedge funds.

The portfolio that the manager constructs and the amount and timing of the trading he or she authorizes are directly linked to the portfolio's investment objective and risk profile.

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That's the fun about being a money manager: no oil fields or pipeliness or employees to worry about.
For example, one money manager describing its ESG integration program said it involved sharing key ESG information with all its investment teams, but did not explain to what extent the recipients actually used, or are expected to use, this information.
How do you hire a professional money manager that invest in the items we use every day like gasoline to drive our cars, heating oil to keep us warm in the winter, wheat and meat to dine on, coffee and orange juice to drink, gold and silver for our jewelry (or teeth), currency exchange when we travel, interest rates for our bank accounts, cotton for our cloths, and lumber for our homes?
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You should consider using mutual funds or at least a professional money manager as a way to help you manage risks.
SMAs are private portfolios of stocks and bonds guided by a professional money manager who makes decisions according to a specific investment objective.