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3 million A-1 money market note class remarketed semiannually.
The class I-MM notes are money market notes that are remarketed from time to time by the remarketing agent, Banc of America Securities LLC ('A+/F1+' on Rating Watch Negative) and are supported by the put agreement provided by Bank of America N.
The senior tranches of Bluegrass II are rated 'CCC' for term notes and 'C' for money market notes based on the credit quality of the underlying portfolio.
The practical effect of the Internal Revenue Code is that debt instruments (ABFS investment and money market notes are types of debt instruments) which give investors the option to choose how interest earned is to be paid to investors (e.
The class A-1MM notes will be sold as 2(a)7 money market notes, which will have a scheduled maturity date of one-year from the issuance date.
The class A-1 money market notes will receive all principal collections on the loans until paid in full.
25% Money Market Notes, Rated 'F1+'; -- $177,000,000 Class A-2A 1.
The $485,000,000 class A-1 money market notes are privately held.