Monetary reserve

Monetary Reserve

The foreign currencies and precious metals that a central bank holds. A central bank's monetary reserve allows it to regulate its own currency; that is, a central bank with a large amount of reserves in euros is likely to closely follow or even peg its currency to the euro. On the other hand, central banks that keep monetary reserves in multiple currencies are more likely to follow either a basket peg or to have a floating currency. A monetary reserve is also called a currency reserve.
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Monetary reserve.

A government's monetary reserve includes the foreign currency and precious metals that its central bank holds. That reserve enables the government to influence foreign exchange rates and to manage its transactions in the international marketplace.

For example, a country with a large reserve of US dollars is in a position to make significant investments in US markets.

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The Ministry of National Economy will have the tasks of the Ministry of Digital Development in the field of preparation and mobilization, formation and development of the state monetary reserve.
Deputy Governor of CBE for the Monetary Reserve and Markets Sector Ramy Abu al-Naga told Egypt Today that the decline of the reserves during December came due to obligations that were paid in the closing of 2018 year.
Specifically, the dollar weakened against euro by 4.9 percent and the SDR (the International Monetary Fund's monetary reserve currency) by 2.3 percent, which added significantly to the dollar value of Pakistan's external debt.
The apex bank has paid USD2bn to the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank), according to Ramy Abu El Naga, deputy CBE governor of the monetary reserve and monetary markets.
The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) sent $2bn to the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank), said Ramy Abu El Naga, deputy CBE governor of the monetary reserve and monetary markets, according to the state-run Middle East News Agency.
From celebrated Numismatic coins like the 1899 Double Eagle featuring the iconic Liberty Head design, to the Modern Day Commemoratives like 1996 Smithsonian Institution 150th Anniversary Gold Coin: Global Monetary Reserve offers glimpses into some of our country's finest monetary achievements with the release of 100 Numismatic and Bullion Coin videos.
development bank and a monetary reserve aimed at giving the bloc a
It has historically been used for jewelry and as a base for global monetary reserves. However, gold's role as a monetary reserve has been changing over the past few years, with several banks selling their reserves.
Another 10 per cent will be cut from PWRDF's budget in 2012 as a way to end deficit budgeting and replenish its monetary reserve. The developments, approved by PWRDF's executive committee, are meant to ensure the organization's long-term sustainability, said Curtis, whose resignation took effect the end of February.
The committee's report said that the Yemeni monetary reserve is safe as it was deposited in various world banks.
<p>The board of directors of the bank, which met here Tuesday, said it will reduce the monetary reserve rate by three points to bring it to 12 points starting January 1, 2009.
In particular, physicians and hospitals seek exemption from the costly monetary reserve requirements that must be met by commercial insurers who must purchase all of the health care they promise the insured from outsiders.