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Autonomous, molecular manufacturing robots are a possible outcome.
Robert Freitas, senior research fellow at the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing (Palo Alto, California), envisions nanorobots, programmed to recognize and digest early cancer cells.
Molecular manufacturing is the production of complex atomically precise structures using positionally controlled fabrication and assembly of nanoparts inside a nanofactory.
Joint Chiefs of Staff, said, "Military applications of molecular manufacturing have even greater potential than nuclear weapons to radically change the balance of power.
A number of types of nano-techniques and applications can be distinguished, including the manufacture of nanoparticles, nanofabrication and molecular manufacturing techniques, and the field of nano-biotechnology.
It will go towards a polymer training facility at Aycliffe Industrial Park that will offer teaching on high molecular manufacturing materials such as plastics and rubber.
In the pipeline, Friedman said, are three startups involved in nanotechnology, essentially molecular manufacturing from the atom up.
Further in the future, visionaries like Eric Drexler foresee the advent of molecular manufacturing based on self-replicating nanoassemblers capable of making any item you might desire.
Catch the overview of molecular manufacturing on Nanocentral at http://www.
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