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The MODIUS team ran several ( clinical trials with over a dozen people using the wearable for 16 weeks.
"Modius is part of an exciting second generation of wearable tech and is a product that actively improves health rather than simply measuring.
Performance management software provider Modius Inc announced on Thursday the general availability of OpenData v3.3.
San Francisco, CA, April 16, 2010 --( Modius Inc., the leading developer of software solutions that enable IT and facilities to work collaboratively to manage their data centers as a single system, today announced the general availability of OpenData[R] v3.2, a major enhancement to its flagship data center monitoring and analysis product.
Compiano is president at Modius Inc., San Francisco, CA.
Its internationally important collection includes one of Britain's most significant collections of Roman stone inscriptions as well as a modius - a bronze grain measure found at Carvoran which would have weighed out a week's ration for one soldier.
Sobre a cabeca, possivelmente portava uma longa peruca--hoje completamente destruida-- sobre a qual estao um abutre e um modius com duas plumas e um disco solar entre elas.
Ogun's road a "Modius" orbit, kernel And electrons, wine to alchemy.
Segar's modern editor makes suggestions about his possible sources among classical and Renaissance writers but adds, 'one cannot tell whether he went directly to the works of the authors or used compilations'.(1) It is in fact possible to identify one work of Renaissance scholarship on which Segar drew extensively: the Pandectae triumphales of Francois Modius (Frankfurt, 1586).(2) The title of Segar's third book and the prefatory summary of its subject matter adopt the phraseology of Modius's title page, which reads, 'Pandectae triumphales, siue, .
Some of the latter are priests, who wear the characteristic modius hat.