geographic information system

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geographic information system (GIS)

A computer mapping program in which land characteristics and/or demographic information may be revealed and printed as color-coded overlays.

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The new mobile technology includes a combination of a tablet with a mobile GIS app and an external GPS receiver.
The introduction of JavaScript programming in Chapter 8 disappointingly dashed my hopes of using this book for my Web and Mobile GIS course, at least in the first edition.
A combination of the latest technologies that integrate fixed and wireless broadband networks, fixed and mobile GIS and GPS applications, and user-friendly information and communications points can greatly enhance the visitors' experience, and the city's objective of providing quality services to its visitors.
Safe operation in difficult and dangerous conditions positions the Archer as a capable field computer for assessment, workforce management, inspection, data collection and mobile GIS applications.
Moreover, the class focuses on the use of new mobile GIS technology as a way to facilitate community-based participatory GIS, as well as to give students experience in an emerging GIS technology.
In the first few days of using mobile GIS solutions in their vehicles, a Sheriff's deputy assisted a citizen with address information in seconds
Tadpole-Cartesia and ESRI are focused on delivering cost-effective, business-centric solutions to the world's geospatial communities, and the CAD-enriched ArcPad 6 mobile GIS platform is a prime example," said Jason Linley, Tadpole-Cartesia's director of North American operations.
Integration will take place with ESRI's Arcinfo 8 professional GIS software and Tadpole's Conic mobile GIS software.
ILOG JVIEWS IS THE GUI FOR TADPOLE'S MOBILE GIS SYSTEM Ilog SA has collaborated with Tadpole Technology Plc on a visualization system that can download map information onto a handheld tablet display via a GSM phone.
The spread of mobile GIS tools is automating that process and ensuring that updates are made accurately, in real time.
According to Kevin Rareshide, chief design engineer, "The mobile GIS App provides ample access to information, and the ability for associates to interact with the data has certainly resulted in increased collaboration, as well as quick and strategic decision-making between the locations and engineering department.
The subject of the public contract is to supply two (2) pieces of thermography cameras recording the surface temperature of the target object, including accessories (part 1 procurement) and one (1) piece of thermal imaging cameras with accessories for mobile GIS and geospatial data analysis laboratory (part 2 tenders).