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Although the French gaze across the Rhine and ogle German success, they recognize that essential ingredients of the German formula are missing in France: For instance, Germans have built trust between employers and unions through decades of what they call Mitbestimmung, or co-determination, whereas France is better-known for "boss-nappings" and wildcat strikes than for boardroom confabs between workers and supervisors.
Lastly, elements of the "German Model' such as Mitbestimmung, Mittelstand and the German apprenticeship system can have important structural and policy implications as China continues to grow and experiment with reforms aiming at combining stability, harmony and competitiveness.
(2011): Das kapitalmarktorientierte Unternehmen: Externe Erwartungen, Unternehmenspolitik, Personalwesen und Mitbestimmung, edition sigma, Berlin.
This is the prevailing economic system in Germany: a market economy which is corrected by elements of concertation, Mitbestimmung and centralist interventions" (Forte 2008, p.
But in a country known for its process of "Mitbestimmung," that involves workers in business decisions, the airline's unions have said they feel decisions have been taken without them and management is unwilling to listen to staff, leading to strikes by both the pilots' and cabin crew union.
In a first step, a solution for representative participation would be the progressive and timely generalisation of the German Mitbestimmung governance structure.
Mitbestimmung Modernisieren--Bericht der Kommission Mitbestimmung.
Den Esten fehlte die langste Zeit jegliche Mitbestimmung auf Ebenen standischer und stadtischer Verwaltung, der Religionsausubung, der Kultur und Bildung, sogar in Bereichen des Handels, im Gewerbe und in der Agrarwirtschaft mangelte es an notigen Eigenfreiheiten.
(2003), Zeitarbeit-neu geregelt", Mitbestimmung, 49: 34-37.
(2.) For further discussion of Germany's political economy, and of the way in which German forms of corporate governance--with workers on corporate boards and the 'codetermination' of industrial policy (' Mitbestimmung')--allows more of the value of firms to be captured by stakeholders other than shareholders, as interestingly demonstrated by the differences between the stock market value and 'book value' of German firms, see Piketty, 2014, 140-146 on 'Rhenish Capitalism and Social Ownership', esp.