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In one of the study in North Jordan in which 288 participants completed the Arabic version of GOHAI, the mean GOHAI score was 40.9 and their mean age was 33.4+-13.2 with some 62% of them had at least one missing tooth.9 The difference in GOHAI score which was higher in our study can be explained by age, cultural differences and mean number of missing teeth per subject.
Although it may feel like a lengthy process, dental implants are a great way to replace a missing tooth...
Consequences of missing teeth among adults It is a known fact that missing a tooth or two could make you feel self-conscious and embarrassed but more importantly if the missing tooth is not replaced immediately, there can be an increased risk of losing remaining teeth.
A New Smile Company spokesperson said: "Here at New Smile Company, a missing tooth does not have to be the end of the world (or the end of that nice smile anyway!).
This introduces an imbalance to the maxillary and mandibular dental arch length.1 Treatment for the replacement of the missing tooth depends on a number of factors, such as arch length, the number of missing teeth, patient profile and smile line.
"One of the men is particularly distinguishable given his prominent scar and missing tooth. I believe the men are likely to be local."
However, if you have several missing teeth, you do not necessarily need an implant for every missing tooth: one implant can support several teeth via a bridge.
Demi got herself clicked with a missing tooth before the replacement and shared the comical pic with her Twitter pals.
STEVEN GERRARD joked with Liverpool team-mates yesterday - as his alleged assault victim showed off his missing tooth.
DESPITE her sincere insistence to "take me as I am" Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus appears to have had a missing tooth replaced, on the cover of her new single.
She wanted to have a bridge fitted to replace the missing tooth, but when she approached a different dentist she was told it was not advisable to fit one until the old root was removed.