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Minimum Investment

The least amount of money one may place in a portfolio or fund. Some brokerages, such as boutiques, only accept clients who are willing to put up a large minimum investment. Likewise, most hedge funds exclude small investors by having a minimum investment, usually in the millions of dollars. Examples of investment vehicles with small minimum investments are IRAs and 401(k)s.

minimum investment

The least amount of money required to invest or open an account in a mutual fund. Different funds impose different minimum investments, and a fund may impose different minimum investments for different types of accounts. For example, many mutual funds require lower minimum investments for individual retirement accounts compared to regular accounts.
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Birmingham Midshires claims its One Year Fixed Rate Bond on minimum investments of pounds 1 is a market leader at 6.
USING A FUND-OF-FUNDS APPROACH CAN MAKE it easier for smaller investors to invest in hedge funds, which often have minimum investments of $5 million or more.
But officials said she cheated more than 100 people who put up minimum investments of $1,000, officials said.
You'll find details on the firm's Mission Statement, Industry Group Preferences, Geographic Preferences, Average and Minimum Investments and Investment Criteria.
More than 100 people with minimum investments of $1,000 each have been victimized, he said.
Adept at guerilla marketing techniques, Peter exploits his knowledge and experience to generate maximum profits from minimum investments of time and money.
the "Fund") had not fully satisfied the provisions of the Nova Scotia Income Tax Act regarding minimum investments.
Financial Consultants can now offer clients more choices and more powerful diversification opportunities at lower minimum investments as they expand their consultative-based businesses.
The portfolios, with minimum investments ranging from $100,000 to $250,000 are managed by leading investment managers including Eaton Vance Management, ING Managed Account Group, Phoenix Investment Partners, Ltd.
Many investors and independent advisors are interested in hedging strategies that extract value from stocks that are expected to under-perform the market; but access to traditional hedge funds carries a high price tag as well as substantial minimum investments," said Jeff Lyons, Executive Vice President, Schwab Asset Management Products and Services.
The minimum initial investment for the no-load Alpha Analytics Value Fund is $2,500 (IRA minimum: $2,000) with subsequent minimum investments of $250.

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