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Minimum Investment

The least amount of money one may place in a portfolio or fund. Some brokerages, such as boutiques, only accept clients who are willing to put up a large minimum investment. Likewise, most hedge funds exclude small investors by having a minimum investment, usually in the millions of dollars. Examples of investment vehicles with small minimum investments are IRAs and 401(k)s.
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minimum investment

The least amount of money required to invest or open an account in a mutual fund. Different funds impose different minimum investments, and a fund may impose different minimum investments for different types of accounts. For example, many mutual funds require lower minimum investments for individual retirement accounts compared to regular accounts.
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In addition to job creation and minimum investments, Dr Al Mulla says full ownership of a company in the mainland will possibly be linked to job creation for UAE nationals, too.
Minimum investment could also be another requirement to obtain full ownership licence in mainland.
The new regulations, which were published in the Official Gazette just over a week ago, stipulate that the Treasury will henceforth act as guarantor for built-operate-transfer (BOT) projects that involve a minimum investment of TL 1 billion, as well as for projects undertaken by the ministries of Health and Education with minimum investments of TL 500 million.
The bank said that it has constituted a new hedge fund platform for customers that would allow them to make easier investments in hedge funds with lower minimum investments. The new platform was setup by the bank following criticism that its funds of funds were not performing well.
Heartwood's Multi Asset Funds will have a number of share classes with differentiated minimum investments.
The B class will have an annual management charge of 1.25 per cent and a minimum investment of [pounds sterling]5,000 ($8056).
Enquiries only online at Savers also seem to like the Investec High 5 Account, currently paying a gross 6.43 per cent on minimum investments of pounds 25,000.
Both pay 5.7 per cent gross on minimum investments of pounds 1 and pounds 250 respectively.
The next best High Street deal is Barclays Day to Day Savings account, which pays just 3.93 per cent with a minimum investment of pounds 1.
Opromark aims to make the buy-to-let market more accessible to people, with minimum investments in property starting at just pounds 1.
* USING A FUND-OF-FUNDS APPROACH CAN MAKE it easier for smaller investors to invest in hedge funds, which often have minimum investments of $5 million or more.
(For more on growth vehicles, including ones with low minimum investments, see "The Feminine Mystique" in this issue.)

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