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Targeted delivery drugs have various advantages such as reduction of any side effects, minimum fluctuation in drug level and treats specific part.
(2) The dimensional difference [DELTA]f = f([[alpha].sub.min]) - f([[alpha].sub.max]): f([[alpha].sub.min]) represents the fractal dimension of the maximum fluctuation point set, and f([[alpha].sub.max]) represents the fractal dimension of the minimum fluctuation point set.
The maximum and minimum fluctuation values of the stable period of the system and the adjustment parameters in the stable state when [[gamma].sub.f] and a are variable are shown in Table 1.
"Since the process uses continuous dosing and weighing, you have to have a minimum fluctuation of less than a few grams of material."
xvi) be stored at a temperature of - 18 [degrees] C (O [degrees] F) or lower with a minimum fluctuation and shall have a temperature below -10 [degrees] C at the internal centre of the flesh:

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