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a medium-scale COMPUTER with sizeable data storage facilities which is often accessible simultaneously from several terminals.

As MICROCOMPUTERS and minicomputers have become more powerful in terms of data-processing speed and data-storage capacity, the distinction between them and MAINFRAME computers has become blurred.

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Microcomputers operating on a LAN often replace minicomputers.
The analogy extends to online service providers that offer proprietary solutions, in the same way that minicomputer vendors offered proprietary system software in the mid-80s.
Today, one of the minicomputer vendors discusses this issue in terms of "bigotry" against anything but micros.
I believe that the mid-80s marked the beginning of the end for minicomputers.
The manufacturer of the accounting software SPI used on the minicomputer determined the product was outdated and decided to no longer support it.
With the number of PCs approaching 110 and the number of minicomputers approaching 10, problems began to surface.
For packaging equipment, 54% of the respondents report using PlCs, 10% use microcomputers, and 9% use minicomputers.
For example, General Automation, which was founded in 1967 to manufacture and market minicomputers for scientific and engineering laboratories, attempted expressly to dominate that market segment by building one of the largest sales forces in the industry.
The minicomputers commmunicate via telephone lines and modems with an identical computer in corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh.
Then minicomputers, which provided business with a smaller, more flexible and inexpensive alternative to hulking mainframes, were in their turn displaced by the desktop computers once known as microcomputers.
The swing continued, with 23% saying that their offices were planning to switch from minicomputers to PCs.

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