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a medium-scale COMPUTER with sizeable data storage facilities which is often accessible simultaneously from several terminals.

As MICROCOMPUTERS and minicomputers have become more powerful in terms of data-processing speed and data-storage capacity, the distinction between them and MAINFRAME computers has become blurred.

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Today, we are so far removed from terms that Tkach uses such as "mainframe" or "minicomputer." The political lexicon now includes blogs, robo-calls and Wikipedia.
The Norfolk data center manages a combination of Windows and Unix-based boxes, some Linux appliances, an AS400 minicomputer and an IBM mainframe.
The first was the rise of the minicomputer and the second was the introduction of the storage tube display, in which the image is permanent until the screen is erased and totally redrawn.
As critical accounting functions are migrating toward smaller computers and as microcomputers are increasingly used to access data and software residing on networks, minicomputers, and mainframe computers, the need for better internal control of microcomputer applications becomes apparent.
Gains are even more pronounced when compared to bigger, centralized minicomputers and mainframe systems, which have longer product cycles.
With its minicomputers and desktop terminals making an early challenge to mainframe mainstay International Business Machines Corp., Digital helped establish high technology in a region north and west of Boston that was losing its old industrial base.
UNIX was designed at Bell Laboratories as a portable, efficient operating system for minicomputers, especially suited for online, nontransaction processing applications.
MBA: A significant part of the industry is still using minicomputers...
One of the most persistent claims, which has at least a decade of history, is that the PC can effectively replace larger central computer systems in local governments (i.e., mainframes and minicomputers).
These products for personal computers, running under Windows or Macintosh operating systems, originated in academic medical centers for use by house officers and medical students as research projects on mainframe and large minicomputers more than 10 years ago.

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