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This is an interesting observation since previous data published by Mingels et al.
Guido Mingels was an editor for Tagesanzeigers in Zurich and since 2012 has reported for Spiegel.
Previous trials among runners have frequently shown increases in serum troponin levels in marathon (Fortescue et al., 2007; Mingels et al., 2009) and even among a high percentage (53-65%) of half-marathon (Lippi et al., 2012) finishers with diverse running experience.
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They maintain that contemporary female writers no longer present women as victims of a patriarchal society, as did their predecessors in the 1970s and 1980s, but instead discuss problems that cross gender lines (Nagelschmidt; Mingels).
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Reference n 99th Male/female population percentile 99th percentile Apple FS 524 (a) na 20/13 Saenger A 533 14.2 15.5/9.0 Giannitsis E 616 13.5 14.5/10 (120 healthy+ 496 blood donors) Collinson P 200-545b 14.4-29.9 Max 37.2/27.7 Mingels A 476 16 18/8 Reference Detectable, % Reference population Apple FS 25.8% > LoD (b) Apple et al.
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